Podcast: Pastner says Tech will be ‘championship level program,’ recalls difficult times at Memphis

Former Memphis coach Josh Pastner has been asked to turn around a struggling program at Georgia Tech. (AP photo)

Former Memphis coach Josh Pastner has been asked to turn around a struggling program at Georgia Tech. (AP photo)

Wilt Chamberlain was so paranoid during his playing days with the Philadelphia 76ers that he asked the team’s ballboy — Josh Pastner’s father — to take a sip of his 7Up before the Hall of Famer would drink it.

Pastner, now the Georgia Tech coach, can relate to those feelings of paranoia to some degree. As much as he enjoyed the seven years of his first head coaching job at Memphis, there were times when the pressure from his position was so bad, particularly following a loss, that he was afraid to be in public or go out to eat in a restaurant.

“I got the head job there at 31, taking over for John Calipari, who in the four years prior had the most wins in NCAA history for a four-year period,” Pastner said. “It’s Alabama football in a  50-mile radius. For seven years I was questioned, debated, chronicled, talked about. For seven years, you lived in a fishbowl. Some liked it, some didn’t. I was thrown in the fire from Day 1. I felt like a prisoner in my home sometimes. When we lost I felt like I let down the whole city. I couldn’t go eat. You just felt like people were glaring at you with their eyes. Is someone going to start doing something to my food? You get paranoid.”

Those were among many revealing comments from Paster in a raw and unscripted hour on the “We Never Played The Game,” co-hosted by WSB TV’s Zach Klein and yours truly.

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A few other comments from Pastner:

• In response to a question about what we will be able to say about the Georgia Tech basketball program in 2020: “We’re going to be a championship level program.”

• He acknowledges Tech likely will struggle this season — the Jackets were picked to finish 14th in the ACC at the conference’s recent media day — and that the subject came up during his job interview with then Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski: “Mike Bobinski told me, ‘You might not win a game. Can you handle not winning a game in the ACC in your first year?’ Of course, I told him yes at the time. … I don’t know. I haven’t been through that. I just have to remind myself will look different in Year 3 than it will in Year 1.”

• There’s lot of great stuff about Pastner’s ahead-of-the-curve initiative as a youth, including writing his own scouting reports at the age of 13 (some college coaches wanted to purchase it from him) and applying for the Los Angeles Clippers job at the age of 19. (He didn’t get it, but, “Maybe I’m glad I didn’t.”)

• Pastner’s father and grandfather filmed Chamberlain’s famous 100-point game from the time Chamberlain had 34 points. He said a copy of the reel-to-reel film still exists in a storage facility in Philadelphia but he hasn’t viewed it. The Pro Basketball Hall of Fame has contacted Pastner’s father about the film and other memorabilia but “he hasn’t taken the time to go through boxes,” yet.”

Pastner also discusses what it’s going to take for Tech to land top recruits, keep talent from leaving the state and build the program. There’s a lot of good stuff packed into the one-hour discussion, so take a listen.

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Just to add to his "not truths"... here is excerpts from the first interviews regarding the "tape"...

The Pastner family claims to be in possession of an audio recording that began when Wilt reached 32 points ? in the second quarter ? and continues through the end of the game. The reel-to-reel recording was made by Josh Pastner's father, Hal, who was listening to the game on the radio with his own father ? Josh's grandfather.

 Notice the "listening to the game on the radio"? "in the second quarter"  Not in person, or even watching on tv, nor "reel to reel".

Hal Pastner adds: "I remember listening to the game on the radio with my father, and when Wilt got to 32 points, my dad said, 'Something special is going to happen tonight.' We taped the game from that point on. We had copies made. We gave one to Wilt, we gave one to his mother and we kept one for ourselves."

 so there is a quote directly from his Dad.... "listening to the game on the radio"


 Once again i am not calling Pastner a liar or a sociopath (I would never do that) but I will point out that a lot of things that comes out of Pastner's mouth tends to be on the "not true" side. I will also point out, that carefully crafted image that Pastner has spent a life-time developing sure seems to fill with cracks the moment any pressure is placed on him.


First time I heard Pastner talk about the Chamberlain game he said... "My dad was at that game".

Second time I heard Pastner talk about the Chamberlain game he said... "My dad has audio of that game."

 Third time I heard Pastner talk about the Chamberlain game he said... "My dad has video of that game."

 Fourth time I heard Pastner talk about the Chamberlain game he said... "My dad has reel to reel video of that game." The hosts asked if they could watch it, he replied... "It is in storage somewhere." 

 I am not saying Pastner is just an outright liar, but the more you listen to him, and pay close attention, the more "not truths" you will hear come out of his mouth. 

 Can any of you imagine someone like Pastner, who has wanted to be a headcoach since the 5th grade, have video like that and not go through whatever needed to get it and watch it? 

 I am not calling him a liar, but he sure seems to stretch truths.


If we're not it won't be because we are spending too much time at the driving range.


We will win an ACC game. Book it!


I wish all the big time kids they're going after could hear this... CJP has a great attitude and if our team can take on his personality we'll be ok