It’s ‘Sack Schultz’ time, suckers: Win Chick-fil-A Bowl tickets or $2,500

I’m here today to remind you that “Sack Schultz,” the contest subsidiary of Weekend Predictions, Inc., is open for business. Just go to this updated link to register.  To register for the contest you must use or create an account log in. You won’t be able to access this year’s contest from last year’s link.

Already playing? Check my weekly Weekend Predictions to see how your picks compare to my “expert” opinion.

This is how the “Sack Schultz” contest works: Each week, there will be a slate of 15 college football games. You don’t have to worry about point spreads. All you have to do is pick the winners. I suggest you try my system of choosing teams by jersey color, going in alphabetical order. But that’s your decision.

There will be two sets of prizes. AJC weekly winners will receive a $25 Kroger gift card and weekly national winners will win an NCAA Fathead. The end-of-season grand prize for AJC readers will be two tickets to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. Remember: This season the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl is a college football playoff semifinal game, so it will match two of the four best teams in the nation (1 vs 4 or 2 vs. 3).

The grand prize for the national winner is your choice of a $2,500 Apple Vacation gift card or $2,500 in cash.

I also will be picking winners of the 15 games each week. Unfortunately, I’m not eligible to win the contest. So if you win and need companionship, I’m free.

Remember, registration opened Sunday, Aug. 28, and the contest is under way. Go to this link to enter the contest. And be sure to check my weekly Weekend Predictions. Happy pickin’.

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There is no public name option  !!!!!


Anyone want to sell their Nicholls (State) tickets?

I've got an extra nickel somewhere I'd be willing to part with. 

"Should" be an instant classic.