Ken Starr interview video makes him look even worse than before

Ken Starr, who was removed from his position as Baylor president, has struggled to explain his role in the scandal that has engulfed the school's football program. (AP photo)

Ken Starr, who was removed from his position as Baylor president, has struggled to explain his role in the scandal that has engulfed the school’s football program. (AP photo)

As former U.S. solicitor general and Baylor University president Ken Starr continues to work his way down the ladder of success – he has gone from president to chancellor to law professor in the wake of a scandal that has rocked the school’s football program — we now have more evidence of his inability in the area of crisis management.

Starr did an interview with ESPN last week in which he came off as tone-deaf to allegations of the school being complicit in covering up or looking the other way in sexual assault and domestic violence cases involving football players. That led to Starr’s demotion, the eventual resignation of the school’s athletic director, the firing of coach Art Briles and a potential flurry of Title IX lawsuits.

Now comes this: Starr did an interview with Waco television station KWTX. Or at least, he tried to do an interview. He was interrupted a few times by his hired gun from the world of crisis management, who kept trying to mold his answers.

I can’t do this justice with words. So please watch the video:

I’m certain this video will be shown to aspiring public relations majors at universities across the country.

For more on Starr, Art Briles and why college football officials need to ban coaches who enable criminal behavior, click here.

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Ken Starr is disgusting.


Great article and thanks for including that interview.

It's clear that college athletics and football in particular has gotten out of control. These rapes occur all the time at pretty much all the Div I schools and nothing ever happens.

It is made clear to the football players that the coeds are just a big buffet. Talk'em up, ask them to walk to a secluded place and from there on it's just he said, she said.

The fact that so many goons, such as some who have already commented on this article, are attacking the messenger is just more evidence that our entire society, and especially big time sports are completely without moral compass. It's a reflection of our larger society.

CNN did some great coverage about this called The Hunting Ground:

All of these little boys who can't live without their football need to watch that show and then think how they would feel if their daughters fell victim. Because they very well may.


I have sent Jeffery, several emails suggesting to him; that if he and Bradley would move to Athens, Ga.; where they could be closer to them, including Raleigh, N.C. I would donate a case of moisture wipes to them.  Never had a response back. The man (Starr). said he gets lots of emails. If Jeffery would like to extend his education on Billy Clinton and impeachment of said person, I would suggest this. Read the Book, " Sell Out " .  Said book was written by David Schippers the DEMOCRAT, who was the lead prosecutor for the House , in the Senate Trial,  to Remove Abject liar Billy Boy.   No Jeffery will not seek to further educate himself in this regard, I would wager heavily there of.  He will just continue to spew his one-sided venom.


Jeffery going after the guy who went after his guy.