Make that 1-16 for Braves at home (where the heartache is)

051016 ATLANTA: The Braves “dancing ushers” Herman Mills and Melvin Russ dance after tearing down number 65 changing it to 64 games left to play at Turner Field at the end of the fifth inning against the Phillies in a baseball game on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton /

The Braves “dancing ushers” Herman Mills and Melvin Russ dance after tearing down number 65 changing it to 64 games left to play at Turner Field at the end of the fifth inning against Philadelphia. But the Braves lost to the Phillies, dropping them to 1-16 at home. (Curtis Compton /

Maybe they should try playing in their road uniforms. Or change dugouts. Or dress in the visiting clubhouse. Or just look for temporary quarters in Cobb County now because, really, Kennesaw State’s stadium can probably accommodate most Braves’ home crowds this season, anyway.

I’d suggest the Braves can start changing the roster but when pitcher Ian Krol was summoned from Triple-A Gwinnett Tuesday, he became the 39th player the Braves have already used this season, so clearly that’s not working.

The Braves got a nice glimpse of their future’s upside Tuesday night but it wasn’t enough to overcome their catastrophic present day existence. Young starting pitcher Matt Wisler pitched a strong eight innings against Philadelphia, allowing only three runs. But three runs looks like Mt. Everest to this bunch. The Braves lost 3-2 at Turner Field.

And just like that, the Phillies (1-0) have as many wins in Atlanta as the team that calls Atlanta home.

The Braves are now 1-16 at home. If you’re looking for the punctuation on a 7-24 start, that’s it. At this rate, they will finish 37-125, including 5-76 at home in their final season at Turner Field.

“I don’t know what the heck’s going on,” Jeff Francoeur said. “It’s frustrating. It’s baffling, especially when you go to Chicago and win, to New York — teams like that. And then you can’t win at home?”

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez has been handling this dreadful situation as well as can be expected — actually, far better than could be expected. That’s assuming you don’t count the other day, when he tried to take out the towel rack in his office by swinging at fungo bat at it several times in anger.

True story.  For more on that, click this link for my full column on the latest on Gonzalez’ status.

The Braves managed only two runs, but that’s not a departure from the norm. They’ve scored a major-league low 92 runs in 31 (2.9).

The team ranks 22nd in “announced” attendance. I stress “announced” because it didn’t appear there were 14,490 in the stadium Tuesday night, even if that was the official “count.” It’s not going to get better if the home losing continues. Of the Braves’ seven home opponents this season, six have more at Turner Field — the Nationals (2), Cardinals (3), Dodgers (2), Mets (3), Red Sox (2), Diamondbacks (3). The Phillies need win only one of the next two to pass the Braves.

“You’d like to win games anywhere,” Gonzalez said. “Obviously you want to win games at home for your fans. They’re watching games and wearing  (the frustration), just like we are.”

For more from Gonzalez, click here.

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Big Wally
Big Wally

Arrogant front office isn't as smart as they want you to think they are.


Its really, really far this franchise has fallen.

The blame lies:

Liberty Media

John Scheurholtz

The GM

The Manager


It's too bad people keep buying tickets supporting Liberty Media.  Yeah that is all you are doing because you aren't supporting the Braves.  Until absolutely NO ONE shows up for the games and Liberty starts losing millions and millions of dollars, they won't do anything to help this team.


@DarianFisher Maybe the visiting team fans are the ones who keep buying tickets...

They should just close down the entire upper deck and invite the attendees to sit wherever they'd like.


...Or, wear "old lady" dresses on the field instead of their uniforms.....with Coppy lead cheerleader in the dugout.....