Will Frank Beamer be next coach to get ‘Bowden treatment’?

Frank Beamer understands he needs to do more of what the message on the lunchbox says: “Win.” (Photo by Jeff Schultz, AJC)

Frank Beamer understands he needs to do more of what the message on the lunchbox says: "Win." (Photo by Jeff Schultz, AJC)

Frank Beamer understands he needs to do more of what the message on the lunchbox says: “Win.” (Photo by Jeff Schultz, AJC)

PINEHURST, N.C. — Frank Beamer doesn’t look good, doesn’t sound good and certainly isn’t enjoying the unanimous support he used to in Blacksburg, Va. But, hey, outside of that, everything is great.

The 68-year-old, long-time coach of Virginia Tech is coming off a difficult few years. Off the field, he underwent throat surgery last December for undisclosed reasons and didn’t appear to be back at full strength yet Tuesday when he met with the media at ACC media days.

It’s also possible he’s worn out by the problems on the field. The Hokies are only 22-17 overall in the last three seasons. They’re coming off their first losing conference record (3-5) since Big East days (3-4 in 2002) and have lost more ACC games in the last three seasons (12-12) than in the previous eight (53-11). It’s easy to wonder at this point if Beamer might get the Bobby Bowden treatment and get pushed out the door at this late stage of his career.

Asked Tuesday if he’s driven to prove he can return Virginia Tech to contender’s status, Beamer said, “Absolutely. That’s what we need. That’s what fans need. That’s what students need. That’s what the people donating money need.”

Has he been hearing from that last group more of late? Beamer didn’t give a direct answer to that question.

“I don’t listen or read very much during the season,” he said. “But I think everybody understands where you are and what you need to do. Everybody understands your support people need to be happy.”

For what it’s worth, Virginia Tech is picked to finish second to Georgia Tech in the ACC’s Coastal Division in a preseason media poll. In a vote for conference champion, the Virginia Tech ranked fourth with seven total votes, behind Clemson (84), Florida State (41) and Georgia Tech (20).

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Beamer looks frail. Hope his health is getting better.


old and over the hill,time to be put out to pasture old man,your best days are WAY behind you beamer,and you don't know it


Every AD knows that young, new coaches are the cure for underachieving programs (tic).  Just look what Mushchamp did for Florida, Al Golden has done for Miami and Lane Kiffin did for Tennessee and USC.

Unlike FSU and Penn State, Virginia Tech has never been a football powerhouse.  I don't see the connection.



Neither were Penn State or Florida State. Coach Engle made PSU something other than a Eastern joke. Paterno made it a powerhouse! Everyone knows what happened in Tallahassee, Bobby's time was up. It was handled badly, but worked out for both parties, and possibly saved Bowden's life (unlike Paterno)! 


"He deserves to go out on his own terms, after what all he's done for the university."  At least that ridiculous statement didn't appear in the article, though there are undoubtedly many who say it.  Beamer is a hanger-on and should've been shown the door several (or so) years ago.  Nothing good ever happens when you let a coach overstay his accomplishments (see Bowden, Paterno -- should Stoops be added to this list?). 


beamer needs to retire---he's way over the hill, just like bowden in his last 5 years.  


Coach’s need to need to develop a life outside of football, and move on while they are still capable to do something new.Being an Icon in an isolated environment like a university community is not a healthy long term arrangement for either party.

I admire someone like Dean Smith, who can leave, but continue to serve in a different way.


Wow. he looks like he's lost a lot of weight,for sure.

I don't want to see Beamer get the Bowden treatment because he has brought VT into the modern era and done a great job.But...

...Coaches themselves have to know when to walk away. Bowden was simply out of touch with his team and his university when he was shown the door. I'm just afraid that Frank Beamer isn't being honest with himself and others are not being honest with him by hanging on too long.His legacy at Tech is secure,there won't be any airbrushing him out of CFB history there. It's better to leave one season too early than one season too soon.

Think of how history would have been different for Joe Paterno if he had left after 2008.


I think it may become harder for some older coaches to recruit although Spurrier and Saban have not seemed to suffer that problem.


we got Bowden run off beating them there, did not happen after we beat votech last year...........maybe we can help this season, too....