Hawks’ assistant Snyder may get Utah job

Quin Snyder’s last head coaching job came with Missouri. (AP photo)

Quin Snyder's last head coaching job came with Missouri. (AP photo)

Quin Snyder, whose first head coaching job came with Missouri, may get a shot at Utah. (AP photo)

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and his staff did one of the better coaching jobs in the NBA this season. The ripple effect of that might be him losing one of his assistant coaches.

Quin Snyder, a long-time pro assistant and a former head coach at Missouri and in the NBA’s D-League, has emerged as a leading candidate for the head coaching job of the Utah Jazz.

When asked about Snyder’s candidacy Tuesday, Hawks general manager Danny Ferry responded via email, “They asked for permission to talk with him and he is a part of Utah’s continued process to fill the job there.”

Snyder reportedly has received a second interview and is on Utah’s short list, along with Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Alvin Gentry and others, according to the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.

Snyder worked with Utah general manager Dennis Lindsey when Lindsey was an assistant in San Antonio and Snyder coached the Spurs’ D-League team, the Austin Toros (2007-10). That “Spurs blueprint,” which Ferry and Budenholzer brought to the Hawks from San Antonio, might aid Snyder in his candidacy.

Since coaching in the D-League, Snyder has worked in the personnel department for the Philadelphia 76ers (2010-11) and has been an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers (2011-12), CSKA Moscow in the Russian League (2012-13) and the Hawks (2013-14). He was a Duke assistant under Mike Krzyzewski before getting the Missouri job in 1999, where he went 128-96 in seven seasons with four NCAA tournament berths (none in the last three years) before resigning.

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Hawks Addition by Rehabilitation...

Hawks can forgo Russian Roulette...

Answers in the hot tub...

C-F, Al Horford returns after pec job...

SG, John Jenkins returns after back job...

G, Lou Williams, 100% after knee job...

C, Lucas Noguieria 100% after knee job...

Add #15 pick, Stauskas or Payne

FA pick up Luol Deng, Hawes or Jordan Hill

Teague   Lou   Mack

Korver   Jenkins

Deng   Scott  Carroll

Millsap  Antic  Payne

Horford  Hill  Nogueria


Snyder graduated from Duke in 1989 with a double major in philosophy and political science, and, later received a JD from Duke Law School in 1995 and an MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business in 1995.

His greatest challenge will be dumbing it down...way, way down.


@ Jeff Schultz

When is Kevin Sampson going to get an NBA HC job?


Cheating Quin Snyder! Well, it just goes to show that all you need to do is just get in the right network of people and you too can get another chance!

Jason J
Jason J

@JSSN Based on analysis of violations referenced on his wiki page posted here: http://missouri.scout.com/2/259107.html  , cheating seems like a strong word choice to me... especially given the reality of what goes on in the NCAA. Kelvin Sampson had over 600 violations - some serious enough to result in a temporary NCAA ban. Snyder had about 6 minor ones - including having a player on his team over to his house for lunch and buying a $10 hotel movie for another player.


@Jason J

Stay off of Wikipedia and go and look at the original NCAA investigation which resulted in a multiple year probation for the program. The whole Ricky Clemons situation and the allegations of paying athletes were deeper than all of that. It was 17 violations by the way (there were 40 in all). They were placed on 3 years probation. it was his program, he should have been on top of it.


He is the lead assistant too. Not sure about how big of a loss it will be but Utah is sure going against the grain on this one.